Your dream design career; Thoroughly understand the degree in different fields

Designing is involved in almost every aspect of our lives.Be it the house we live in , the clothes we wear or the website you are currently gazing at are all imagination of a designer.The people in designing influence our lifestyle in every possible way and are the Creators of Tomorrow.

Undoubtedly, the future in designing is well sorted as you become the craftsman who ideates
people’ s imagination and bring it into reality. Let’ s peek into the different genres of designing to find out what they hold for us

1. Fashion Designing

Fashion designers need no introduction!We are all familiar with their work and idolize fashion designers like Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, Masaba etc.If you have a knack for colours, patterns, fabric and style then you are a cut out for this industry.There are numerous undergraduate fashion degree programs available introducing you to fashion world.The curriculum will help you narrow down your career choices from fashion photography, fashion design, fashion management, fashion PR, fashion buying or any other part of the industry.

2. Interior Designing

If you like to experiment with your home decor and stay abreast with design trends, then interior designing is certainly a fit for you.An interior designer keeps the right balance between comfort and beauty.Bachelor of design(B.Des) and various other courses from institutions like National Institute of Design and Arch Academy are the way forward to make a mark on this off - centre career path.

3. Architecture

Architects can be termed as future builders, infused with powers to impact the build environment.Along with an eye for a beautiful design, a passionate architect should possess the ability to transcend ideas into physical form.Bachelor of Architecture(BArch.) is the minimal requirement to enter into this field. Currently, Architecture is a huge corridor extending beyond traditional practices as crafting a house or office to newer applications like designing a TV environment or a video game.

4. Animation

Taking a successful leap from 2 D to 3 D, the animation industry has grown at a rate beyond expression.Movies like Despicable Me, Frozen are among the creative works of diligent animators.With the advent of virtual reality, the gaming industry has grown three folds opening a gateway for budding mavericks.Anyone who is curious enough to find a fine balance between technology and creativity can choose from variety of courses like Animation Scripting and Technique, Photo Communication, Special Effects, Computers for Animation etc. So, a career in designing will make your creativity flow and your imagination visible.If you perceive the world with a unique vision, then the above mentioned career options can be one of your choices.There is nothing more wonderful than seeing your ideas taking shape because a designer and his designs may or may not be understood but are always loved.