Mind Yoga: Exercises to Boost Your Grey Matter

Are you tired of constant studying and honing your skills? And, for the same purpose, you are planning to take a break? To watch a movie or read a novel, for an instance sounds great. But have you ever wondered what about your mind which does all the work of remembering and learning? 

A human brain is a complex organ that works 24*7 for 365 days without rest. No matter even if we are sitting idle, our mind is still working, either thinking or creating scenarios. Moreover, surviving in this current situation, dealing with the pandemic is no less than a struggle. And, if a popular survey is to be believed, often a calm and composed mind has the capability to think and perform better. 

For the same purpose, we have jotted down a few Yoga asanas that could help us boost the grey matter of our brain. To a name, a few, first answer this question, is your mind racing, if yes? Then why don’t you opt for an inverse position or a headstand? Headstands are the best exercises when it comes to calm our brain as well as relieve stress or any sort of anxiety. Not only this, but it has also been a proven yoga asana to get rid of headaches. 

Some other asanas are listed below- 

  1. Big toe pose- if you are filled with questions like what you will do next, what to learn or develop as a skill in quarantine, and if the same keeps you up in the night then we have good news for you! Practicing this pose for just 15 minutes in a day can be pretty helpful. It relieves the stress, clears anxiety and helps with insomnia. 
  2. Channel-cleaning breath- Often referred to as the practice of pranayama, it is a breathing exercise. When you practice this simple pose for just 5 minutes a day, it is said to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain.
  3. Corpse pose - This is to attain total relaxation, but also one of the most challenging to attain. But when done correctly, it can relieve the doer of mild depression, and put our body in total relaxation.  
  1. Dolphin plank pose- It is a variation to the plank pose but has increased benefits. After all, a healthy body is the one that embodies a healthy mind.


These are just simple asanas that requires no equipment. You can perform these at the convenience of your homes. Apart from these, when you take a break from your studies you can indulge yourself in meditation as well. At last, your mind will feel unperturbed and calm, with you having the required control of your mind. So, if you want to relish the utmost bliss of tranquility, you know what to do! Keep practicing yoga followed by studying, and then repeat!