Importance Of The Right Idea And Motivation For Your Next Big Design

With more awareness and accessibility, students are unabashedly choosing careers where their true interests lie. A career in design requires a lot of skills and innate inclination towards creation and creativity.

There are a lot of careers in design like fashion designing, interior designing, product designing, etc. Undoubtedly each one of them requires a start. The start usually comes up in two areas- improving the existing design or finding a gap and creating something new altogether. Whatever the purpose be, creative inspiration has to be right.

More than the inspiration, translating the same into your design would require a lot of effort. It requires skills and understanding of the subject, audience, etc. For example- a fashion designer might spot a fabric less used and would want to turn the tables with it. He/she might want to design a garment with that fabric that was uncommon before. But, even before the designer would actually play with the fabric, there has to be some motivation for the design to take shape in reality.

Similarly, every other designer is in constant search of something that could be the base idea of his/her next big design. Everything starts with the right idea. The importance of the right idea and motivation is hence justified. Here is more to it.

  1. Big designs are impactful: Ever seen some product and were awe-inspired with its looks, design, usability? Or what makes you say ‘wow’ for any piece of design? it looks too perfect and infallible. It is able to create an impact on your mind.

All of this is highly dependent on the homework being done. This homework is nothing but thorough research and understanding of the core idea. The idea then motivates you to create something impactful.   


  1. They connect with your audience: One similar thing about big designs is definitely the consumer connect that instantly pleases the eye. Ultimately any design is for the end-user. So if the intent, motivation, and inspiration behind the design was right, it will definitely reflect in the applause it will gain.


  1. It’s more than aesthetics: Design is more than the aesthetic appeal of the product. The first look is obviously that pleases the eye but it is also the attention to detail and a plethora of factors that are important. These factors can be easily noticed by industry experts. This again becomes a crucial factor to differentiate between a good and great design. All of this again narrows down to the idea and motive behind it.

The unconventional careers are full of creativity, thinking, and so many other qualities. It all begins with the idea of being right and the motivation behind it. The right idea and motivation will undeniably remain important. Ultimately these will be the key factors that will reflect in your next big design.

Happy designing!