How to Stay Motivated While Studying From Home

Study and comfort combined are regarded as absolute bliss and why not? You might agree that sitting in our comfy pajamas, holding a strong cup of black coffee in one hand and the exam preparation kit in the other sounds as a perfect study plan. Everything is great, but what about a plethora of distractions? You might get tempted and instead of searching the new principle of architecture, you will find yourself landing on the popular Instagram meme page, right? And, then you realize you have not done anything.

The trouble is, what comes to our mind in such cases. With the exams on the head and the constant urge to excel, we have got ourselves in huge trouble. But fret not this blog carries the informative insights which will be a great help to stay motivated while studying-

  1. Use the Pomodoro technique- We are still thankful to Francesso Cirillo who invented this technique in the year 1980. The method involves studying at short intervals or bursts. On one fine day, he noticed when using the kitchen timer shaped like a tomato (pomodoro means tomato in Italian) he observed that he could concentrate better while studying at particular time intervals. This can also be understood as our brain is one of the most complex structures in our body. Surely, getting distracted is not in our hands, but giving our mind a short break from the monotonous studies and starting afresh sounds interesting!

How to study using this technique?

  1. Determine the subject you want to study today
  2. Before you start studying set the timer to 25 minutes
  3. Start studying
  4. Take a break when the timer goes off
  5. Now repeat from step 1
  6. Exercise is the key- Warm up a bit before you study! 

Not only it will help you to focus more but also will keep you motivated to study. To add to this, according to a popular survey when you indulge in a shorter duration of any sort of exercise, then the chances are that it can help improve your ability to recall the information faster. 

Be it just walking for 20 minutes or jogging in a park, it can send the required supply of nutrients, blood as well as oxygen to your brain. Moreover, it will keep the lethargy or tiredness at bay, therefore, making you more alert. 

  1. Make a schedule- 

Trust us, nobody asks you to study all day long and night. Even though you can attain better grades, but in the long run, this is known to be mentally overwhelming. 

It is why people recommend you to make and follow a study schedule, you can list important topics, divide it accordingly to the time each topic takes as well as put some slots for exercising or for your favorite hobbies. The schedule in such cases is no less than a checkmark or time management technique which further allows you to concentrate on what is more important. 

  1. Follow a proper diet- You must have seen that to memorize and cover all the aspects of the syllabus one ignores his/her diet. In such instances, you are forgetting the required oils (food) for your body’s engine (brain). Speaking of which for the proper functioning of the brain we require energy and nutrients. Only after getting the aforementioned pre-requisite necessities, you can get back to the work of mind-boggling activities like grasping or learning a subject.
  2. Understand the topic don’t memorize-

Take a pencil and whatever you read put it into the practice. Since subjects like fashion designing, or architecture require more of practical knowledge rather than the theory, practice is important. Speaking of the fashion designing courses, imagine your favorite actress and try to give it an imaginary makeover by designing for her a perfect dress. Or even remember your dream house, and put your desires in designing the layout of the same. 

It has been noticed that there’s no greater Guru than one's desires and wishes. Use your dreams to achieve good grades and excel in the subjects. 

  1. Atlast, do not expect to be motivated all the time- 

It’s all in our head! 

One of the best ways to deal with the lack of motivation is not to feel or expect to be motivated all the time. And, be it the renowned athletes or the scientists, no one feels motivated all day long or night. Follow your gut, even at times, you feel the urge to study the chapter in your leisure time do not let it go in vain.

These were the short tricks that our mentors at Design IFAAA recommend to every student fighting with their lack of motivation to study. Follow these simple steps and see how it helps you to keep a perfect balance of leisure and study. After all, as the popular adage goes, all study and no play makes Jack a dull boy!