How To Revise for NIFT and UCEED in the last few days

Last few days are already so pressurizing to the students that most of them are just lost doing unnecessary aimless pseudo-study which actually wastes their time; or we can say the most critical time. For design exams, it all seems so confusing, more than any other competitive exam. So, here we are; breaking down the preparation strategy for these critical days.

  1. Mock Tests
    Give as many mock tests as you can. It will make you understand how much every section in the paper needs importance & time. Be wise & conserve your time in the main exam by giving mocks. That will build you precision & time-effectiveness at the same time.
  2. Count On Your strength
    Attempt the section in which you are strong and brush them up to lock a set of questions in your favour. Find out a comfortable sequence of answering the paper. Win the sections you have mastered & go for the sections later in which you will have a hard time going through.
  3. Be aware of the surroundings
    Be Alert at all times for anything that may help you to come up with some new ideas. Acquaintance with the resources such as newspapers, magazines, online sites, posters, banners & flyers will come in handy during the examinations.
  4.  More Dry Colors:
    Practice more with dry colors (mediums), as they are convenient to use and take less time in exams. They also are very easy to manage at the time & there are very less chances of spills or mishaps.
  5. Break Your Rut:
    You will be fully ready when your preparation will be complete, with revision & along with a certain amount of mock tests given. But not until, you have tried something out of the blue to practice all your skills. This will not only brush up everything which you have learned but it will also make you confident about your performance.

    You can obviously choose your subject to study or you can make your own time schedule to go with. But, if you are well prepared & don’t know how to approach these last days & win over the pressure; follow the above checklist and make sure that you mark them all done, one by one.
    Include every points takeaway in your daily routine for last several days & you will ace the exam with flying colors.

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