Design IFAAA

Art has always been considered as a therapy. It has some magical powers, that just by indulging in it can help you relieve from the worldly tensions. But have you ever wondered making a career in one?

Designers have a longing to solve the mysteries through the stroke of their tool. Today, the world is battling and protecting itself from a pandemic. To add to this, the only thing that keeps people sane is taking a brush and expressing themselves through a canvas or create something. So, have you ever pondered that while every other industry today is facing the wrath of a contagious virus, the only realm where its enthusiasts are mentally and financially sound is designing?

We are in a world that is influenced by the advent of internet-mediated technology. People are free to make a living in a field that best suits them! And what if you can be recognized by the inert art, creativity and talents that you are possessed with? Sounds great, eh?

Starting from basics-  

Design IFAAA has always influenced many, inspired the young aspirants and motivated those looking for career guidance. Founded by none other than Rajendra Bhatia sir, he, of course, requires no formal introduction. The institute was established in the year 2000, and today it is one of the acclaimed names in the realm of designing. To help serve the purpose, the staff today is well-versed in the designing field and therefore, guides the students in every step. The team of Design IFAAA believes the basic approach to a designing, is first ideation, thinking and then crafting or curating. Therefore, they teach every student to work on a perfect base or foundation first!

Rajendra Bhatia sir has always encouraged the young minds and guided them through every step of competitive design exams. And, today their beliefs have turned in a brand, a name that speaks for itself. Design IFAAA is not just a designing institute but a gateway that helps the art lovers seek a path of glory and name making. All you have to do is to enroll and do what you do the best- designing, drawing and crafting. Students are trained to build their careers by making them succeed in the exams of ACE Design institutes in India as well as Abroad. With the aforementioned motto and passion, our students are studying in the top institutes of the USA, UK and Singapore namely, Calpoly, Syracuse University, University of Manchester etc.

If you want to make a career in fashion designing, architecture, graphic designing or interior designing then feel free to contact us. And we will be pleased to be at your service. To add to this, we provide guidance and career counseling as well. Therefore, in the times of confusion, the staff of Design IFAAA will always be your knight in your guiding armor!