7 tips to crack NATA

It is well said that-“By failing to prepare you prepare to fail”. It signifies that there is no substitute for a well-thought out preparation. Henceforth, if you dream of learning architecture from a reputed institute, you must clear NATA.
Here are few tips which might help you in your preparation

1. Enhance your Creativity
Aspiring to become an architect demands you to be creative and have an imaginative mind. One of the sections in the test grills you on this skill. Be prepared to harness your non-conventional ideas and practice daily to put them on paper in a limited time frame.

2. Sketching Practices
While nurturing your sketching skills practice daily whatever you like drawing with minimal use of eraser. Pay attention to detailing while making human figures or alive expressions. Also get an idea of different styles of lettering so that they become handy in examination.

3. Previous Year Papers
Without a doubt the older version of NATA test papers will give fruitful insights on what the examination setter is looking in you.  It will make you familiar with the pattern and structure of the exam and will help you strategize how much time should be devoted to each section.

4. Time Management
You should be wary of the time you dedicate to different aspect of your preparation. Be it completion of the syllabus or its revision, divide the time wisely so that you are all set to go for the exam. Also give mock-test in restricted time as it will be of help on the day.

5. Awareness of Construction related news
There is no point in cramming GK mindlessly. Stay alert about the major construction activities going on around the nation and important facts related to it. Read newspaper regularly, learn about famous architects and their work. It will enhance your interest in the field.

6. Increase your Speed
For an exam like NATA asking you to showcase your creativity and awareness in a stipulated time, it is important to up your speed game. That is why it is advised to practice in advance how to put your imagination on paper in high pressure environment or else you tend to lose marks.

7. Study with Enthusiasm
Stay motivated throughout your preparation. Set daily or weekly targets and reward yourself on achieving them. NATA preparation will help you expand your creative side so make your study fun and interesting to reap its benefits.

These tips can guide you and help you find ways to crack NATA. But ultimately it’s you whose dedication will determine whether you sail through or not. Stay positive and study wisely.
Happy preparing!