5 Offbeat job profiles after pursuing after Fashion Designing

5 offbeat Job profiles after pursuing Fashion Design

Designing world lays innumerable options where designers can play up to any extent. Creativity today has reached newer heights. For all those creative minds who want to make it big in the field of fashion designing but do not want to be limited to just working on clothes, here is some good news. There are other job profiles in this field which are not known to everybody but are equally, if not more fulfilling.

Check out 5 offbeat job profiles that exist after pursuing fashion designing:

  1. Be the talk-of-the-town fashion blogger

A fashion blogger is someone who writes or creates content specifically for the field of fashion. This field is really an interesting career option because you can target two things at a time: fashion and content. Although this one does not necessarily require a fashion degree but one with a degree can sound more convincing and relatable. The person has the apt knowledge to come up with the desired technical language, expertise, relevant experience- all in the user-friendly format.  


  1. Colour your career, be a fashion illustrator

This is for the person with good imagination and sketching skills. One has to have a running hand for making the designs in accordance with the brief. They need to be diverse in their designs with a keen knowledge of colours, patterns and a basic understanding of footwear, apparels, and lifestyle. Many fashion illustrators like to be freelancers and work with various fashion studios, newspapers, magazines and websites to provide their designs.


  1. Be the dream fashion merchandiser

A Fashion Merchandiser works as the key connect between makers and distributors. The person connects with brands and companies. A merchandiser curates what a showroom will display and sell with accordance to the trends and themes. He also coordinates with the designers for the market requirement and makes them aware of the upcoming fashion trends. A Merchandiser needs to be updated with all the popular designs so as to present them in the most fascinating ways and allure the customers.


  1. Become a high-end fashion consultant

Fashion Consultant needs to be aware of all the trends and have familiarity with fashion designing. They provide insights regarding the changes in the products according to what’s trending. People often hire consultants to upgrade their wardrobes. Even brands hire them for certain events to style their models. Consultants also work for grooming their clients at certain levels.

   5.Design the very fabric of fashion as a fabric Designer

A fabric designer is well-versed with all the concepts associated with fashion designing and fabrics regarding all those designs. It becomes easy to cast fabric if one is already aware of the designing details. The person has to be updated with different types of textiles, designs, colours and raw materials so as to design the fabric in an appealing manner.


The field of fashion has shifted its major focus from mainly apparels to also including accessories, footwear and jewellery which has given birth to many lucrative jobs within and outside the country. It is not easy to make it in the industry but paving your own path and getting to a place you want is more fulfilling and satisfactory than any safe job option that you don’t like. Explore your options and find the job that you love and learn loads from.