5 expert tips on excelling at NID DAT

It is really a brave step to follow your heart and choose a career in any non-conventional fields. There are a few people who really get to understand that they have their calling in the field of design. When it is about such a diverse field such as designing, it requires careful consideration and proper planning.

To appear for any exam, it is crucial to prepare under the right guidance and suitable study material. It is equally important to study according to a plan. When the exam would be helpful in deciding your future, it needs to be given due importance.
So, let us quickly learn 5 expert tips that would be helpful in your journey of preparation.

  1. Know your strengths: This exam is all about time management and how well you make your art pieces stand out in minimum time. With the unpredictable nature of questions, it is crucial to work on your strengths so that you do well in the stipulated time allotted. This will help you to make your entry easy in your dream design college.


  1. Practise the basics well: There will be few questions that can be solved by almost everybody. Make sure you don’t spend more than expected time on the same so that you can attempt questions that you are sure and comfortable of. You need to master your basics well-like the easy questions on English and Mathematics.


  1. Solve mock papers: This might seem a cliché but is quite helpful if you look beyond solving a variety of questions. You must make a micro-analysis. You need to narrow down on time per question, which kind of questions do you solve wrong, is there any pattern in the questions you are attempting and avoiding? Initially, it might take your time but once you figure out answers to the above-mentioned questions, it will reflect in your efficiency.


  1. Keep working on out-of-the box ideas: Ideas may or may not strike on the day of the exam. Keeping in mind the pattern of questions of DAT, one must be ready with few ideas so as to save time on the exam day. You can plan a certain way to think or workout for offbeat questions that might consume a lot of your time that you could otherwise use elsewhere.


  1. Stay updated: This is but one of the crucial aspects that might help you to innovate in your sketches and designs. Being aware of new trends would help you to come up with trendy and interesting ideas for attempting tricky questions.

Preparation becomes easy when you have a plan. Working on the plan made is something that will let you confirm your admission in your dream design college. There can be multiple tips and all sorts of advice but you should choose the ones that work for you. Ace your preparation with these 5 key tips and ensure your success in DAT 2020!